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    Homepage and Other Hoopla

    Metaphysical Kiss
    Metaphysical Kiss

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    Homepage and Other Hoopla

    Post  Metaphysical Kiss

    Ok here are the updates that have happen and that are to come soon

    1. Homepage added take a look at it, all of the buttons work so press them ans see where they take you. The only button that does not work is the home button.....I am working on another possible page for that.

    2. More smileys have been added, they are located under the 3D Emoticons

    3. A control panel has been added to the left is completely functional after a bit of tweaking.

    4. A Donate button has been added, its pretty self-explanatory, you don't have to donate but if you wish to contribute...its welcome. The funds don't go in my pocket, they go strictly to the site...a domain name will be purchased

    5. Still updating the total look of the site......will take some time

    6. A gallery will be added, where you can have a personal pic gallery..I am thinking about making this an VIP status option but we will see.

    7. Myth Island will be up and running, yes i know its been a while but writing is a process..character sheets will be added to your profiles ASAP.

    8. In the token shop two more sections have been added in how you can spend your tokens. The first way is a custom user title in which it will be added to your mini post profile, you will be able to pic your title (IE: what you want on it...skunk piss, blah blah) and I will add a pic to go with your title. The custom titles will look like your member/mod/gfx/global mod/owner title but it will be smaller in size. The Second way is limited edition pets which will be buy able at a lower token price and you will not have to give up your main pet. The limited edition pet will be added to a new section in your main profile which i will make. The limited edition pets will be only visible in your profile unless you contact Me(the admin) or Cherrie(the global mod) to make it your main pet.

    And I think that's all for now. Big thanks to Scarab for making our new Nav Bar Buttons!!!

    Boss Of The Sassy Little Beasts

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